Winter Cleaning Tips

Wednesday, 7 December 2016  |  Admin

Are you and your cleaning staff ready for the winter?

The weather this time of year can affect our cleaning jobs on a regular basis.

The floors in reception areas, schools, hospitals and washrooms get barraged with leaves, mud and grime. Muddy boots, wet shoes will make many cleaning and maintenance job much harder increasing the work load to keep floors clean and sparkling.

So what can we advise at Total Cleaning Supplies?

Making sure you sweep floors first to collect the unwanted leaves and any mud that has dried. Soft bristles for indoor sweeping of dust and leaves and stiff bristles for outside paths and communal areas. Moping indoors should be easier with less debris on the floor therefore keeping the water cleaner in the ladybug mopping units.

To help speed up the time spent mopping try using a bigger mop head to cover larger areas of floor in less time. Moving from a 12 oz socket or Kentucky mop to a 16 oz increases the area covered with every movement. High Class a neutral multi-purpose floor cleaner is low cost and great for muddy footprints on floors.

What about muddy shoes on carpets?

With some stains it is best to tackle the problem right away however with wet mud leaving it to dry will produce a much better outcome.  Once the mud has dried use a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool or upholstery brush connected to the hose. This will allow you maximum penetration on the stain.

To make the job of litter and rubbish picking easier invest in a long armed mechanical gripper.  Litter this time of year is blown around and collects around bushes and doorways. Using a long handled litter picker with hand a handy hoop bin bag holder reduces the amount of bending.

Soon it will be time for the big spring clean.