The new window cleaning cloth in town

Wednesday, 25 May 2016  |  Admin

At Total Cleaning Supplies we stock a wide range of window cleaning tools and equipment. The local window cleaners in Chelmsford and other surrounding towns often call at our trade counter to refill their vans with the window cleaning gear needed to keep the windows of Essex shiny and smudge free.

It is important to window cleaners to have cloths and scrims that they can use quickly and efficiently so they can get the best result in the quickest time.

Over the last few months we have noticed a big increase on the sales of our Professional Micro glass window cloth, the professional alternative to chamois and window cleaning scrims. For years window cleaners have always used the traditional chamois and scrims but now there is a new cloth in town.

The micro-fibre construction produces an effective cleaning cloth that is perfect for drying and polishing any glass surface. The micro fibre cloths soak up water with no smudges they last much longer and unlike scrims, which leaves smears as soon as it starts getting wet, this does not.

The cloths stay dryer for far longer than scrims and are effective until they are pretty soaking. Like scrims the cloths can be washed frequently.

The Micro glass window cloth can be used damp for removing dirt and grease on window frames and other surfaces or dry for spot cleaning streaks and fingerprints on glass.

Each cloth is bagged and sold separately and comes in the colour of blue. The cloths are 76 x 70 cm and are currently on sale on our website with a 40% reduction in price now for £3.00.

If you require less than 5 cloths please phone our office and we will be able to give a reduction in the cost of posting & packaging by 50%.

Please call Total Cleaning Supplies on 01245 468006 or contact us through email.