Cost effective cleaning 5 litre dilution rates

Wednesday, 6 April 2016  |  Admin

There are many 5 litre cleaning chemicals in the Evans Vanodine range that can be diluted down to refill the trigger spray bottles.

Lift kitchen cleaner and degreaser 1:25

Buying Evans Lift 5 litre @ £10.92 with a dilution rate of 1 part Lift to 25 parts water works out at 7 pence for 750 ml. One 5 litre of Lift will refill your lift trigger spray bottle 166 times.

Esteem sanitiser 1:25

Final Touch wash room sanitiser 1: 100 for general cleaning

Clean Fast wash room cleaner 1:10

Protect disinfectant cleaner 1:25

Mystrol super strong multi purpose cleaner 1:50

So next time you are buying the handy ready to use cleaning chemicals from our extensive Evans range, add a 5 litre to you order. Total Cleaning Supplies also stock a 5 litre pelican pump that screws in the neck of the 5 litre bottles. This helps avoid spills when refilling and aids measurement.

This effective way of buying your cleaning chemicals means you don't have to give up on quality of the products to keep  costs down. Using cheaper inferior products can result in cleaning jobs taking longer to finish however with Evans Vanodine the costs can be kept low and let the chemicals do the hard work for you.