Cleaning Product of the Month

Wednesday, 15 June 2016  |  Admin

Product of the Month

At Total Cleaning Supplies we get asked by our customers to recommend cleaning products for particular cleaning jobs.

If something needs cleaning we have the product for that job. If there is red wine on a carpet or grease on a three piece suite we will always recommend the best product to tackle that cleaning job.

We also encourage our customers to give us feedback on how well our product worked.

Starting this June we will be featuring one product a month that we have had great feedback from in a particular cleaning job.

When you have many cleaning jobs in one day you need a product to work. Using a product that doesn’t tackle the problem head on can leave you spending minutes if not hours wasting time. Get the right cleaning product and cleaning tools for the job.

This month’s product is:

Easy Strip 5 litres

Great for village hall floors, easy to use floor stripper can be mopped on and will bring up all the old polish on the floor. Finish with Enhance to bring a tired looking floor back to life.