New Evans Toilet & Washroom Cleaner Descaler

Wednesday, 28 September 2016  |  Admin


Evans Toilet & Washroom Cleaner Descaler 1 Litre

With so many different toilet cleaners on the market its hard to know what products to use.

What makes Evans Toilet and washroom cleaner different is that is also descales at the same time.

This product is designed to be used on a regular basis to keep washrooms and toilets clean and to prohibit and reduce the formation of limescale. Using a regular toilet cleaner will only keep the rim clean, it will therefor not stop the limescale reforming creating a prolonged cleaning task later on.

The long lasting deodorising perfume keeps drains and outlets free of odour and leaves a clean long lasting fresh fragrance, your customer will know instantly the cleaning has been professionally done. 

With its acidic formulation this toilet cleaner can also be used on sinks, shower heads, taps and any chrome or stainless surface. Make washrooms sparkle again and keep that sparkle no more limescale.