Best Toilet Roll In Town

Thursday, 1 December 2016  |  Admin

The Best Toilet Tissue in Town

How do you decide what toilet paper to use in your business? The choice in the market place today is endless. Surely a toilet roll is a toilet roll? They all do the same job?

However with interleaved toilet tissue, mini jumbos, jumbos, pendimatic, coreless, embossed, smart ones and the other 10 million types of conventional toilet roll on the market how do you choose?

In the commercial and industrial sector of the cleaning and maintenance industry customers have different demands and standards to keep. A luxury office washroom may require a high quality softer tissue. A very high usage washroom in a shopping centre or doctor’s surgery will need longer length toilet rolls to prolong the time for every dispenser to be refilled.

The requirements to take into consideration are:

Cost not only the price of the dispensers but also the charge of the toilet tissue refills. Some dispensers may be free but always check the refill cost.

Size look at the space that is available in toilet cubicles, the jumbo toilet roll dispensers are fantastic for high usage areas as each roll is 300 m long however they need a larger wall area to be fixed onto. If space is limited then interleaved toilet tissue are much smaller and like the smart one toilet roll the tissue is dispensed one sheet at the time.

Top class hotels like to use a 3 ply toilet roll for it quality and softness, Cartmel & Dalton is very popular as it is a 3 ply conventional roll that is not embossed.

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