Are your paper tissue rolls the correct length?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016  |  Admin

Are your paper tissue rolls the correct length?

At Total Cleaning Supplies we often get sent samples from different suppliers of paper hand towels. Even when the price is right we still check the quality of the paper and especially the length. The roll we received last week stated 150 metres of tissue per single centre feed roll with a very low price however when we measured it ourselves the length came to 100 metres that is 33% less then stated.  

This is why at Total Cleaning Supplies we only stock paper tissue rolls that come from CHSA certified suppliers.

What is the CHSA?

Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers Association

“The CHSA has driven up standards, making it possible for buyers of cleaning products to be sure when they buy Accredited products that what’s on the box is in the box. All members adhere to the code of practice and the Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes for Soft Tissue products, Plastic Refuse Sacks and Industrial Cotton Mops make sure customers get what they pay for”

The CHSA Soft Tissue Standard Certification ensures that products are fully labelled with accurate length, widths and sheet count.  The CHSA independently inspects participating manufacturers to ensure compliance therefore giving you peace of mind.

If a price is low always check the suppliers are CHSA certified or check the lengths of any rolls supplied to you.