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Winter Cleaning - Tips and suggestions to help with the extra cleaning that comes with the cold weather

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How do you decide what toilet paper to use in your business? The choice in the market place today is endless. Surely a toilet roll is a toilet roll? They all do the same job?

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Professional Micro Glass Window Cloth are taking over from the traditional window cleaning chamois and scrims.

Window cleaners are raving about the new cloth and the quick results of clean, shiny windows.


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Here at Total Cleaning Supplies we love to hear from all of our customers.  

We want to know what cleaning products you love to use and which ones make your cleaning jobs easier.

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Buying some of your cleaning chemicals in 5 litres can result in huge savings.

Lift 5 litre kitchen degreaser is diluted 1 part to 25 parts water

The refill cost of the 750ml trigger spray bottle will be 7p

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April window cleaning equipment sale is now on at

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